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24th ABM and 68th ExCom

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The North Sea Commission’s 24th Annual Business Meeting was held in Assen Thursday 18th June. The ABM was held in Provinciehuis Drenthe, attracting 90 delegates from our member regions. At the ABM there were several important topics.

12. Resolution on North Sea Grid and Energy Union

ABM adopted a resolution on North Sea Grid and Energy Union, stating that working towards a Meshed North Sea Grid should be a priority, and asking member states and Norway to work together to overcome technical and financial obstacles to the grid. You can download the resolution here

14. Revision of the North Sea Region 2020

The ExCom has asked to revise the strategy document North Sea Region 2020 by the half way marker in 2016. The revision is a good opportunity to get an overview of what we have already achieved, what is outstanding and how we can close the gap. It will also give us as an organisation an opportunity to adjust to the political reality and make the role the NSC can play more visible.  Member regions, thematic groups and external stakeholders will be involved throughout the process.

15. Declaration from NSC ABM 2015 – “Message to the Dutch Presidency of European Council January-June 2016

The declaration requests the Dutch Presidency of the European Union to take a leading role in driving the process for closer strategic cooperation between the member states and Norway on a North Sea Agenda, promising the full support of the North Sea Commission. Read more about the Assen Declaration here

16. Proposal for an independent NSC Secretariat at CPMR

This proposal was potentially one of the most important issues of the day. An alternative option to organize the NSC Secretariat had been proposed by the Dutch regions prior to the meeting. The item was deferred for proper examination, and it will be put forward at the next ABM after internal discussions.

18. Election of NSC Vice-President

The position as Vice-President of the NSC was up for election. Vice-President John Lamb was reelected for the period 2015-2017.

23. Proposed Budget 2016

ABM agreed on a budget for 2016, whereby membership fees are increased with an adjustment for inflation at 1,6%.


68th Executive Committee meeting

An Executive Committee meeting followed the ABM. The main issues included the election of chair positions in the thematic groups. We give a special thanks to Ellen Solheim who now retires from politics and Chair for the Economic Development Group, after serving the NSC loyally for many years. The following positions were elected on the 68th ExCom

Vice Chairs

Ard van der Tuuk, Drenthe (NL) was elected vice-chair to the Energy and Climate Change group

Drew Ratter, Shetland Islands (SCO) was elected vice-chair to the Economic Development group

A call for the two vacant positions as vice chairs in the Culture and Tourism group and the Economic Development group will be posted prior to the next ExCom meeting.


Barney Crocket was elected new chair of the Economic Development group.

Anders Fasth was re-elected as chair of the Marine Resource group

Preben Friis-Hauge was re-elected as chair of the Transport group

Jimmy Gray was re-elected as chair of the Energy and Climate Change group

Frederikke Stensrød was re-elected as chair of the Culture and Tourism group

Marine Resource Group met on Shetland


Marine Resource Group met on Shetland

The North Sea Commission’s Marine Resource Group met on Shetland 11th and 12th January by kind invitation from vice-chair of the group Cllr. Jonathan Wills. The meeting was held on the North Atlantic Fisheries College; excellent setting for discussions on maritime skills. Chair Anders Fasth underlined the working methods of the group; visiting each other, collecting best practice and on that basis presenting policy papers. The phased implementation of the... Read more

Minutes and presentations from the 69th ExCom


Minutes and presentations from the 69th ExCom

Enclosed you' will find the minutes and presentations from the 69th ExCom in Brussels: DRAFT Minutes 69th NSC Executive Committee Meeting Ammended version - Statement of accounts 31.08.15 Comparison Budgets Presentation Intereg North Sea Programme Presentation CPMR 69th ExCom. Read more

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