Why Omega Juicers Are The Best Choice For Leafy Veggies

Omega has had great success with their 8000 series of masticating juicers, but they were not satisfied with that. They set out to take what the 8006 and 8004 do great and improve on what they may have been lacking. This dedication lead to the release of the next generation NC800 HDS masticating juicer. With two main improvements, a wider feed chute and an adjustable end cap, this juicing machine is set to take your juicing experience to another level. Designed to be reliable, easy to use, and super efficient, the NC800 just might be your first and last juicer that you ever need.

It has already gotten rave reviews from owners and it is currently ranked as the top choice for its juicing performance and its extreme juice yield with leafy green vegetables. We recommend reading up with this Omega NC800 review to exactly how this juicer can turn around your diet for the better.

Features That Make The NC800 Desirable

If we compare this model to the previous Omega 8006, the different is quite substantial, since the feed chute is up to 2 times bigger. It also features an adjustable cap, which is something you would typically find only on twin gear juicers. This is the reason behind why this particular model allows you to squeeze out more juice.

5 End Cap Settings

The end cap comes in two pieces and has 5 different settings, which will allow you to apply more pressure, making sure you squeeze out every drop of juice from the source.

Bigger Screen

Having a bigger screen also allows for more efficient extraction, which contributes to the amount of juice you’ll be able to get out.

Great With Leafy Greens

For those that plan to take advantage of the benefits that leafy green vegetables can provide, then the NC800 is the juicer for you. If we compare the results side by side with the 8004 model, the difference can be up to 25% more juice squeezed out from these types of vegetables.

However, the components inside can really get damaged if you put in something with a hard shell, so it’s not recommended. Plus, it’ll likely void your warranty.

Less Food Prep

Because this model has a larger feed chute than the previous models, there is less precutting required, because you will be able to fit the whole piece inside in most of the cases.

Faster Than Previous Generation

Performance also saw a massive upgrade with this particular model, which is now up to 30% faster. This was tested using various vegetables, and compared to the previous models (8004, 8005, and 8006), this model averaged out a 7-minute processing time, while the others averaged out at 10 minutes.

Easy to Clean

The unit can actually be taken apart quite easily, which will grant you access to the areas that would normally be out of reach. If we combine this with the fact that the machine itself is designed in a way that makes vegetable pieces getting stuck somewhere less likely, we are left with a juicer that can do its job quickly and efficiently without leaving too much for you to clean up afterwards.

You will be able to clean it up in a couple of minutes. Simply rinsing it under running water will typically be enough. However, you will have to wash it by hand, since it’s not compatible with dishwashers, which could be considered a weakness.


If anything goes wrong, Omega has you covered with a 15 year guarantee, which means this could be the last juicer you’ll ever need to invest into.

Efficient and Quiet

Juicers normally make a lot noise when operating them, but this one is actually really quiet compared to the rest. For example, you can hold a nice and steady conversation with another person while the juicer is running, no shouting required.

Nut Butter and Sorbet

If plain fruit and vegetable juice is not enough for your needs, you will be happy to know that Omega NC800 Juicer enables you to make nut butter and sorbets with ease. And for those of you who don’t like pulp, you can easily attach a pulp catcher.


You also get a whole lot of extra components with your purchase, which includes a cleaning brush, juicing screens, pasta nozzles, and various other goodies.

Different Colors

This model is currently available in red and silver.


The early response on the Omega NC800 has been very positive and early reviews of this juicer have been really impressive. It is really easy to put together and take apart, extracts a lot of juice from its source, is silent, has great versatility and a large feed chute, it also has a couple of downsides. It tends to be rather expensive and the juice it produces is rather pulpy. However, given the 15-year warranty you get with one of these, the downside is way less severe.

If you’re ready to invest into a versatile juicer that won’t fail you for decades to come, the the Omega NC800 is definitely a great choice. The time it will save you with less food preparation and higher juice yield will practically pay for itself in the long run.

A High Powered Juicing Machine That Will Help Improve Your Nutritional Intake

When talking about the best juice extractors of 2018, the Breville 800JEXL should be at the top of that list. When speed is in need, this powerhouse can get the job done in a hurry. From apples to carrots, the harder the fruit or vegetable, the more efficient it seems to perform. For anyone looking to spice up their morning routine and improve the way that they look and feel, juicing is a wonderful option. Great Plains Examiner best juicer rankings has the 800JEXL ranked as one of the top juice extractors on the market as it continues to receive high scores from owners who love how well this model performs across the board.

It weighs approximately 20 pounds obviously due to the weight of the motor. If you comprehensively make an online search for a great deal on this product, you will find that it sells for less than 350 US dollars and carries a minimum manufacturer’s warranty of one year. The machine is publicized as fully capable of delivering commercial-grade performance for homes and offices.

800JEXL Juicer Features

1. A two-speed controlled motor rated 1000-watts.

This motor can operate at a high speed of 13000 rpm and a low speed of 6500 rpm. These two speeds are particularly necessary whether one is extracting juice from fruits which are hard or soft and vegetables. The low speed is used on soft fruits while the high speed is used on vegetables and hard fruits.

2. Die-cast stainless-steel housing

The housing looks professionally designed and attractive with a modern aspect to it. It should be the right equipment to have in your kitchen. Its detachable stainless-steel micro-mesh filter is easier and safer to wash. Since this filter cannot easily corrode, you can never find rust impurities in your juice. This is a notable health benefit.

3. Circular 3-inch feed tube

The wider diameter of the feed tube eliminates the need to chop the fruit or vegetables into small pieces prior to juicing. This is always a requirement for other machines. The cutting disk has a titanium coating for easy cleaning and increased durability.

This juicer is also equipped with a pulp container, juicing pitcher, and a manual/recipe book for anyone who will require instructions on how to prepare different juices. All of the detachable parts are dish-washer safe. The locking arm is closely fitted by bolts which can move in all directions.


With 1785 user reviews on Amazon, 78 percent gave the product a 5 star rating, while 13 percent gave it a 4 star rating. Its high rating makes any prospective customer to be comfortable with their purchasing choice. A major advantage for this product is its simplicity to use and clean in addition to attractiveness.

The feed tube with a wider diameter allows both small and medium sized pieces of fruits and vegetables to pass through it. This makes the preparation of juice faster and simpler. Feeding the chopped pieces into the machine takes little time and effort as compared to traditional twin-screw type of juicers.

The juice which is obtained from the machine is essentially pulp-free. It therefore requires no sieving for those who don’t prefer pulpy drinks. The juice yield is also very high since only a dry pulp is left behind.


Some users of this device criticized it for being too noisy. Others felt that the retail price for the juicer was not worth as it was just an ordinary juicer like any other. Some complained that, there is a certain amount of leakage that takes place between the filter bowl and the juice cover particularly when juicing contents containing a high amount of water.

Users of this juicer also complained of poor customer service from the manufacturer. Their response was poor or non-existent at all. Customers were worried that they would run into losses should their new juicers develop mechanical or electrical problems within the warranty period.

Another notable drawback of this device is that, the replacement parts are also costly and difficult to find. That means your juicer can stay non-operational for a long duration of time before you can be in a position to repair it.

Is It Worth The Price?

If you are a juice lover, an investment in this device is definitely worth the cost. Whether you want to try to cleanse your body or toxins, or you just want a boost of healthy energy in the morning, the Breville 800JEXL can more than handle your needs. It will enable you to save a considerable amount of time and effort in preparing your favorite beverage. For occasional users, this device may be too uneconomical until juicing becomes part of your dietary needs. While making your choice don’t be concerned about the price but think about how this product is going to serve your needs better.