Beet Juice and Baby Strollers

In what seems like ancient history, the wife and I used to be competitive runners. We were both on the cross country and track teams back in high school. We both met running and it is something that we try to do as often as possible. When we had our first kid that seemed to put our daily runs on the back burner. That was until one of our friends let us borrow their jogging stroller, and a whole new world opened up to that allowed us to share our passion with our kids.

We then discovered that there were some local marathons that would even let us compete with our stroller and share the experience with the children. That really fired up our competitive juices and we had a reason to train rather than just stay fit. It was a tremendous bonding experience for the entire family as we hope to pass on our love of staying active to our little ones.

The Advantage of Beet Juice

Since this is a juicing site, we would be remiss to not talk about the power of beet juice, especially for long distance running. Beet root is packed with a plethora of nutrients that can help increase stamina and improve blood flow. When we got back into full time training we always dropped at least a couple of beets into most of our juicing recipes to take advantage of the many benefits of beet root juice. A small dose of the juice before exercise can help your body better adapt to the endurance needs posed by jogging an extended distance. It also helps give your green juices a nice kick of flavor.

Getting Our Own Stroller

After we kept hogging our friend’s jogger, we soon decided it was time to get one of our own. We did extended research and finally decided on a running stroller from BOB. This company has proven track record of making some great equipment that can with stand the wear and tear of long runs. The Revolution SE we found to be the best rated mid-range jogger after reading through running stroller reviews. This is the jogger we bought for our efforts.

We could not be happier with our choice. It seems to fit our needs perfectly and our child just loves to hop into and go for a ride. If you are wondering why this jogging stroller is so great then we have decided to breakdown some of the highlights that we love the most about the SE.

Swiveling Front Wheel

Many at times, the jogging strollers that you will get on the market usually features a fixed front wheel, which gets really annoying since you can’t be able to steer it up, without having to lift the wheel off the ground. This stroller features a swiveling front wheel which offers easy maneuverability. This means you can use this stroller anywhere, at the park, when turning on tight corners on the mall, I mean almost anywhere. You can also lock it in a forward position, which is pretty useful when the terrains become rough and when jogging. The wheels are also large enough to easily roll over any terrain.

Adjustable reclining seat

The seat on this stroller reclines from vertical positions to 70 degrees for a requisite nap. It also features a 5 point seat harness, which means that regardless of the seat position, your child will always be secure. The padding is also more supportive and more comfortable than most jogging strollers.

An adjustable suspension system

A good jogging stroller should have an effective suspension system to take the stress out of the bumps on the road. Unlike some stroller of its kind, this stroller features an adjustable suspension system with two shock absorbers that effectively absorbs constant jarring motion that is involved in jogging. This means that your child will get a super smooth ride at all times.

Large canopy, padded handlebars and foot brakes

The handle height on BOB Revolution SE is 40 inches, perfect for any parent; tall or short. The handle bars are well padded for extra comfort. You will also notice a wrist strap that allows you secure the stroller when jogging. The canopy on this unit is large enough and can be position any way you want to protect your kid against any weather elements, and when you fully extend the canopy, you can see your baby through a huge window located on top. It also features a foot parking brake to keep the stroller securely in place when needed. Please note that the brake is not designed to stop or slow down the stroller, but to keep static on a flat surface.

Compact, easy to fold flame

This stroller features a lightweight frame, just 25 pounds, but it’s very sturdy. Folding this stroller is easy, all you need to do it, pull the level at the sides, and then fold it; it’s that easy! You can actually fold it with one hand, which makes it even more convenient. The folding dimension is 16” H 25.5” W, 36” L meaning that it can fit perfectly on any vehicle. The real wheels can also be removed for easier storage. There is also pretty of storage space to keep your child essentials as well as yours.


  • This stroller is extremely easy to push and steer
  • The materials made of this strollers are easy to clean and very durable.
  • Can be used on almost any surface, rough or not
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Very lightweight making transportation and storage very easy
  • Exceptional suspension system gives a smooth ride to the kid
  • Plenty of storage room for your child essential as well as yours.


  • One minor complaint about this unit is that, when folded down, it doesn’t lock down. You can, however, use the strap to keep it in folded position.
  • Doesn’t have some accessories, you will have to buy them separately.

Despite the few flaws on this unit, it’s still one of the best on the market today. Its price may be a little high, but considering the exceptional features on it, it’s definitely worth the price that we paid for it. We do not have any sort of affiliation with BOB, we just love the stroller that much that we thought it deserved a rave-worthy review. We have our first competitive marathon coming up pretty soon and we just cannot wait to see how our family fairs. The great thing about this jogger, is that you do not need to compete in order to enjoy it every day.